2016 App Development Trends

4 App Development Trends to Look Out For in 2016

You’re probably wondering why would anyone need to know the trends for 2016 when the year is not even close to finished, but we’re here to tell you that you need to anticipate trends and not just follow them. If you want to take the lead in app sales, you don’t need the newest or brightest idea, but you do need to know what you should be coding and when you should be releasing your app. Let’s get going and see which of the following technologies speak out most to you.

  1. Apple Watch Tech
    Even though the Apple Watch was introduced earlier this year, a limited number of apps have been written for it. Unfortunately, markets don’t really cater to early adopters so even though there are thousands of programmers capable of writing brilliant apps for these users, there just aren’t many who are all that committed. This is where you step in by giving them an app that’s actually useful, clean, and maybe even a little bit fun. The best part is that you don’t have to sink too much time into it, since their standards will be very low at this point. Even a novel use of their Watches will put them over the moon.
  2. The Rise of the Cloud
    Cloud-based technology is becoming increasingly important, and it’s easy to see why. Excessive data and disorganized data are two of the main reasons why people and businesses need centralized storage, so keep that in mind as you’re developing your app:
    • Cloud support will be a common feature in newer apps
    • Syncing across devices
  3. Keeping Users Safe
    There was a time when smartphone makers were making bold claims about their devices and giving away prizes to people who could hack their OS, but times are changing. In addition to exploiting weaknesses in the code, there’s also social engineering to worry about. As more services become mobile friendly, and as online banking services are growing rampant and sophisticated, security will be something that users are willing to pay big money for.
  4. Be Business Facing
    Even though business phones are becoming less serious (think Blackberry) and more fun (think iPhone), enterprise apps are still an area that’s completely open for programmers to take over. Although it is a smaller market, it has great network effects where once a company wants to use your app, suddenly you have all their employees as subscribers. Don’t underestimate this market, or you’ll lose out in a big way.

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