New Tablet Apps For The Healthcare Industry

Five New Tablet Apps For The Healthcare Industry

Tablet apps development is quickly becoming a career choice for many people. Besides creating valuable tech that can be used by anyone, tablet apps development allows you to help those in the healthcare industry do their jobs more efficiently. To give you an idea of how the development of tablet apps has become crucial to the healthcare industry, here are five new apps that are making things easier on patients, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

  1. RecoverNow: This tablet app was developed to help stroke patients with their recovery. An Ottawa-based stroke specialist created RecoverNow to allow people who’ve suffered from a stroke to rehabilitate their language and motor skills. The app’s data is sent to the patient’s therapist so it can be monitored.
  2. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide: Tablet apps development continues to further how medical professionals and patients access information. The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide offers information on medications and treatments for various illnesses, from recommended drug dosages and side effects to restrictions and evidence-based recommendations. Moreover, this app also features tables that break down any drug’s cost.
  3. My Chart: For patients, tablet apps development brings them easy access to their medical records. With My Chart, anyone can access their medical records, see the last time they visited a doctor, what prescriptions they’re taking, and their vaccination schedule. This app also gives patients the ability to send non-urgent messages to their clinics if need be.
  4. CareZone: This app is specifically useful for people who take more than one type of medication daily. CareZone makes managing medication easy, allowing you to create a list of what you’re taking and the dosages and schedules for each. One of the main benefits of this app is that you can use your photo library to create your medication list. The app will use the barcode or prescription code from your pill bottles so you don’t have to type in the information yourself. Additionally, CareZone lets you easily share your info with your doctor.
  5. Medical Imaging Consultant: MIC lets physicians select the organ system the patient is referring to, select the chief complaint and then find the symptoms. The app helps doctors and patients communicate better by providing detailed imaging for each organ system and symptom set.

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