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New job opportunities for laser technicians

If you are starting a new career or considering switching your current one, the field of laser technology is one worth checking out. This is a rapidly evolving niche that provides a wealth of job opportunities for new grads. The need for qualified laser technicians in growing across the board, and there are many different positions available in the industry. They range from skincare technicians, laser vision correction technicians, medical aestheticians, as well as dermatology technicians. The salary range varies among these, but the average pay tends to be $30,000 for entry level positions. However, a seasoned dermatologist tech can easily make $75,000 after a few years of work experience. This field is an exciting one, and certainly is showing no signs of slowing down.

Why is laser technology a booming field? For starters, more and more people are using laser services for treatment and personal use. The medical field is moving away from invasive treatments for a number of conditions, and an increasing number of people have become comfortable with laser technology. From skincare to laser eye surgery, there is no shortage of work available. In addition, we will continue to see new uses for this technology in the future. Advancements in this area will allow new applications to come into play, which will in turn increase the need for qualified professionals in the field.

There literally is no better time to get involved in this field. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth is expected to jump 25% over the next decade (link). This is significant when compared to most fields. Some sources have deemed the rate to be much higher than this even. In this economy, job security is very important. Prospective students need not worry about finding or keeping a job as a laser technician.

If you are considering making the leap, you will want to choose a college that offers relevant curriculum, as well as one that allows for fast graduation. Cestar College of Business, Health, & Technology in Toronto offers an excellent laser technician course. The program can be completed with 36 classroom hours and provides detailed material that will prepare students for any position in the field. The program specializes in skincare, with an emphasis on hair reduction. The field of hair removal as well as restoration is one that is growing exponentially, so this is a real benefit for prospective students.

A great thing about salon/spa industry is that there is a lot of room for advancement. Students can get their general certification which will open many doors initially, but they also have the ability to specialize in a particular field. Obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in laser technology can significantly improve one’s job prospects and earnings. Laser technicians are currently in very high demand, and will continue to be so for many years to come. This is a wise career path, as the field is dynamic and still growing. What the future holds in unclear, but it definitely won’t be negative in any respect.

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