Kristina Mac donald

Paralegal Standing Committee Electorial Candidate

Cestar College is proud to have one of their own Instructors, Kristina Mac donald, running in the 2014 Paralegal Standing Cmmittee Election.

“I became a paralegal in 2004 and through my experiences over the last decade I have watched the profession grow and evolve. My experience in criminal law has taught me that everyone is entitled to have a voice and deserves to have their needs and interests passionately represented. The key to properly representing any nu006Dber of people, individual or large group, is listening to those whom you will give a voice to. I am more than willing to listen to any and all concerns raised by you to allow me to properly represent your interests and I would welcome the opportunity to be that passionate representative for the profession.

The top issues within the paralegal profession can be narrowed down to the scope of practice, mentoring and the current job market. All of these issues can be found to have one common thread, education. Education is the key to increasing the scope of practice. With an increased scope of practice the job market for paralegals will increase. Education is also the key to mentoring new licensees. Education will ensure that the public is receiving the best possible access to justice paralegals can provide.

There are many changes that should and could take place, however change is best implemented slowly and cautiously to preserve the system we already have in place. Very little change has taken place within the profession over the last four years to assist our roles in providing the public with access to justice. I promise to make change a priority.

This election is extremely important. You are being asked to vote for five people to represent you, your professional interests, and your livelihood. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Casting your vote for me is saying yes to positive change within the profession and saying yes to having your interests voiced.”

Kristina Mac Donald

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