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The growth of the solar industry in Ontario

The job prospects for “green” jobs have never before seen such a positive outlook. Anyone looking to secure a high-paying position with long term security and room for growth should consider the solar industry. The field is growing rapidly across the world, but is sharply on the rise in Ontario specifically. A main reason for this is due to the government's recent passing of the Green Energy Act, which legislates that more electricity should be derived from greener sources. This, combined with the Feed-In Tariff Program enacted in North America, has really increased the job growth for this industry (link).

The solar industry is well suited for Ontario as it is, for many reasons. Canada is ranked at the top of the list for places for solar power to be implemented. In addition, the government has deemed Canada to be a green energy superpower for the same reason. Solar panels are becoming cheaper to buy, and thus are cheaper to install for residential and commercial applications. This will in turn necessitate skilled solar installation and service/repair technicians. The shift to renewable power sources as well as the increased manufacturing of green power products will make sure the solar industry in general will not falter any time soon. “Ontario could eventually become a key international supplier of solar and other renewable products” (link).

Thus, with plans to expand both products and services via the solar power industry, the job growth can only be expected to rise quickly. This is a very beneficial for prospective students, especially ones that are unsure of what field to get into. The best part about the solar industry career field is that training and education does not take nearly as long as other industries. Many colleges offer fast-track programs that are dedicated to getting students into the workforce quickly. Some programs (i.e. solar technicians) can be completed in a matter of a few months. Job placement will be virtually immediate, as the demand for new professionals is going to remain high for many years.

Ontario seems to be fertile ground for the solar industry in general, as the government and many businesses have turned to its resources and strategic placement for capitalizing on the field. Knowing that Ontario could be at the forefront for solar power in the coming years should give any prospective student a good feeling, because this will directly affect their chances of becoming part of a very lucrative field. Green energy is the direction many companies are moving today, which in turn has served to open many new doors for employment. The job market may be static for many industries, but solar power is not one of them. The time to get in is now, so it is highly recommended that students consider this career path if interested. The changing needs of the market will create many new positions that can provide long term security and high earning potential.

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