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What’s new in Apple iOS 7?

Apple has done it again. A new iOS mobile operating system is currently in the works, and is expected to be launched later this year. With the tech giant planning to release a new round of iPhones and iPads into the market what many think will before the end of the year, the timing seems pretty fitting. Other than being the 7th Generation OS, does Apple have anything else up its sleeve that customers want? The company has always placed an emphasis on reliability and functionality, and this can definitely be seen with the iOS 7, as well as the addition of some pretty cool features for app developers. The mobile app market has skyrocketed in the last few years, which is probably why Apple has made their system more approachable to the people who use these functions.

A number of big name developers have had the opportunity to test their games on the Beta 3 version of iOS 7, with some feeling unsure about its capabilities. It is important to note, though, that crashing apps and less than perfect playability is always to be expected in the pre-launch phase. The developers at Apple will be working hard to correct these bugs and work out the kinks, but for now all we can do is assess what’s currently in store. Alas, there are some things about the new iOS that are great and bound to excite the public, with other limitations being expected.

All about iOS 7 (for now)

  • SDK; most app developers will be pleased with the new SDK. The firm boasts new multitasking APIs, enhanced video APIs, extra features in Game and Map Kit, and many other add-ons as a part of the line up. They note iOS developer program members can download Beta now to test the waters and experience the new iOS firsthand.
  • Airdrop; although this feature has been on the Mac operating systems for some time now, it is the first time Apple has used it on their mobile devices. Given that it allows users to share their digital content (swapping pictures, files, etc.) via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, this alone could prove to be one of the top-hits for iOS 7. The company has not released much information regarding the functionality of Airdrop, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.
  • iTunes radio; with the built-in radio features that gives users the option to customize their stations and playlists, Apple is certainly trying to gain some ground in the music scene. With the prominence of competing apps such as Pandora, however, it is yet to be determined how successful this add-on will be or how much use it will actually see.
  • The cream of the crop: enhanced multitasking; this will likely be the deal-breaker. Smartphone users place a strong emphasis on unhindered, lag-free functioning, something Apple is not well known for, at least until now that is. To give Android a run for its money, they have improved the performance of the OS and also added smart app tracking integration, a feature which tracks user app use and automatically refreshes them when need be (the OS learns your unique preferences and responds accordingly).

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