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I joined the paralegal program at the Cestar College with a view to diversify my professional services. Within weeks I realized it was a good fit for me enjoying not only the quality of education but also a very friendly and cooperative environment from the instructors as well as from the administrative staff members. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced teaching the concepts as well as sharing their practical experience. They are passionate not only motivating students to pass the exam but also providing guidance to excel in their subsequent professional services. It was pleasure learning at Cestar College in comfortable class size and flexibility moving forward.

Kandiah Yogamoorthy

Enrolling in the paralegal program at Cestar was the best decision I made when I made up my mind to enter the legal field. The classes are small in size, very hands-on and taught by professional instructors who bring years of experience to the classroom. Plus, as a working adult, I enjoy the flexibility I need to manage manage life and studies comfortably.
I would highly recommend the paralegal program at Cestar College.
Ali Dorostkar

Ali Dorostkar

Because of the dwindling number of opportunities in journalism, I decided to reinvent myself as a programmer and fulfill a childhood dream. Cestar College’s Mobile Applications Development program helped me develop my first experience with object-oriented programming. Although I felt the program was intimidating because of my small experience in programming, Adrian, the college’s dean, pushed me to go the extra mile either with his open door policy or in spirit. This has led me to apply the knowledge I have gained and publish three iOS apps. Speaking about the instructors, they are not only experienced in programming, but they are also available to help students. The classes’ small size allowed everybody to exchange question and get answers very quickly in order to let the theories sink in. In addition to that, the camaraderie between students really favours personal progress.

Anh Khoi Do

Hi my name is Ranald Clarke graduate of Cestar College’s paralegal program.
Attending CESTAR college was one of the smartest decision I could have made for my career. At first it was a little bit intimidating to be enrolling into school after I had graduated university several years earlier. But from the first time I met with Mr. Sharma, the school’s director, he made me feel has if it was something that I could do. This same feeling continued down to the teachers. The teachers taught the course in a manner that was quite easy to comprehend. Their unique way of teaching is the major reason why I was able to pass the Law Society Of Upper Canada’s paralegal exam.
Thanks everyone at CESTAR! It was an amazing experience.

Ranald Clarke

As a graduate I would highly recommend the Paralegal Programme at Cestar College to others. The Instructors at the institute were incredibly passionate about what they did and truly cared about the success of their students. My education readily equipped me with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce as a qualified licensed paralegal. Thank you so much Cestar!!

Pauline Troung

I choose Cestar College to update my knowledge and I found it really help. I like the small class. We have a lot discussion, so the confusion can be cleared immediately. Instructors in this college are amazing, they are knowledgeable and experienced. I met classmates and we have become friends as we have same interest in legal field. Location is very convenient for students as well.

Olive Zhou

I attended the Paralegal program at Cestar College. Enrolling at Cestar college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I felt very welcomed by caring staff and instructors. It very quickly felt like home to me. The instructors are knowledgable and experience in their subject matter. Small class sizes with one on one interactions with the instructors. Cestar College has a very good hands on approach which provided me with the training I needed to succeed in the real world. The hours were perfect for me and financing was very flexible. Studying at Cestar College was a pleasure and a blessing. Thanks Cestar College

Trudy Brown

I found Cestar College through an ad in the Metro newspaper as a matter of luck, as I was interesting in changing my career from a Marketing and Sales Director and into law. I contacted Cestar and had a meeting with the Dean, Adrian Sharma.

Adrian was very friendly and helpful, encouraged me to look at other schools to compare what they offer versus Cestar. I was very impressed at his candidness and the school’s curriculum. I joined the class and was immediately amazed at the wealth of knowledge and support of not only the instructors, of whom are highly trained and experienced in their particular fields, but also the support staff of the school as a whole.

The class sizes were small, intimate and class participation was not only invited, it was encouraged. Instructors would challenge our knowledge of law but also with their own personal life experiences in and out of the field and how they pertain to our fields of interest. We felt at home and comfortable with the surroundings and all worked together as a team.

The workload was challenging, but not overwhelming. The instructors were always available to lend a helping hand and assist in any difficulties we had with the work.

All this was guided by the watchful eye of Adrian, the Dean of the school and his assistants. He made occasional visits to our classes and even sat in to observe how the class and the instructors were doing. Adrian always has an open door policy which is truly an open door policy! His mantra isn’t just talk, it’s doing what he promises. Adrian, along with the restive the school exude confidence and in turn, give us the confidence we need to embark on our careers and our future.

I wouldn’t have the courage and abilities to pursue my career without the help of cestar.

– thank you again Adrian for helping change my life for the better

Yours sincerely
Edward Wallerstein

Edward Wallerstein

By beginning and fresh starts, gain and growth on this environment ; you will understand learning hard subjects of laws made easy by honorable great experienced teachers who respect and formed accomplishments areas of our lives. The secrets of life gives you strong strategies to choose for success with the most satisfying taste of step to the future.The collective consciousness of this college gives you energy along the way for ability to the great overcome after finishing the program. I invite you to have a tour of live classes.
The Best
Ali Enayat

Ali Enayat

From the first day I came to see the school and met with the staff and students, I knew it was the right place for me!! I was very impressed with your academic methods and ways you were able to help the students and their needs. It was a great learning environment that paid attention to details and students were able to exceed their expectations!!! I would highly recommend this college to those who want to explore and be the best they can be!! It was exactly what I was looking for and I got a job after graduating!

Eck Chu Uy