Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Cestar College’s FAQ page, curated specifically for prospective students like you! We aim to equip you with the insights and clarity you need as you consider joining our community. We’re committed to ensuring your journey with Cestar College is smooth and fulfilling.

If we don’t address your question below, please contact us – we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

How do I become enrolled at Cestar College?

Here are the steps you can take to become enrolled at Cestar College:

1. Meet Admission Requirements

– Possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12) or its equivalent


– Have Mature Student Status (18 years of age or older) and complete the Wonderlic Admissions Test with a passing grade and

– Complete program-specific admission requirements

*Note – Possession of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. 

2. Take a Campus Tour

Use this opportunity to visit our school and experience the environment. One of our staff members will walk you through the program details and answer any questions.

3. Submit Your Application

Applicants will be advised of the status of their application within one week following the completion of registration.

4. Start School:

You are on your way toward an exciting new career!

What accreditations does Cestar College hold?

Cestar College is accredited by the National Association of Career Colleges and Career Colleges Ontario. Several of our programs, such as Dental Assistant and Paralegal, hold their own designations. You can learn more by visiting each program’s respective page.

Where is Cestar College’s campus located?

Our campus is located at 265 Yorkland Blvd., Suite 400, Toronto, ON M2J 1S5, Canada.

Does Cestar College offer financial aid?

Yes, there are various financial aid options available to Cestar College students. Please visit our financial aid page to learn more.

What programs does Cestar College offer?

Cestar College currently offers nine programs, including:

Medical Aesthetics

Dental Assistant

Hospitality Management

Law Clerk

Legal Assistant

Mobile Application Developer


Personal Support Worke

Wind Turbine Technician

You can visit each respective program page to learn more!

Is Cestar College public or private?

Cestar College is a private college in Toronto specializing in healthcare, technology, and business. We are recognized as one of the leading private colleges in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Why should I choose Cestar College over other institutions?

Cestar College provides a high-quality, personalized educational experience with small class sizes, dedicated instructors, and a rewarding learning environment. Our various instructional methods cater to all learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

How does Cestar College support my career after graduation?

Cestar College is dedicated to student success beyond the classroom. Our career services assist students in navigating the job market, providing resources and support in areas such as resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

Can international students apply to Cestar College?

Yes, international students are welcome at Cestar College! We have a diverse student body and support international students through various services to assist in their transition to studying in Canada. To learn more, contact us here

What is the student life like at Cestar College?

At Cestar College, students can enjoy a vibrant and engaging student life with access to study rooms, student lounges, and various locations to relax and interact with peers. Our campus provides all the necessary tools and equipment for an immersive and rewarding learning experience.

Are Cestar College’s Programs Available Online?

No, Cestar College exclusively offers in-person classes. We believe in providing our students with a hands-on, immersive learning experience best achieved through face-to-face instruction.

Where Can I Find Cestar College Reviews?

You can find reviews and feedback about Cestar College on our Google profile. We encourage you to read the experiences of our students and graduates. 

How Much is Tuition?

Cestar College offers state-of-the-art facilities and quality education at a reasonable price. We have implemented a unique payment structure tailored to benefit our students. Schedule a call with an admissions officer to get detailed information about our tuition fees.

How do I contact Cestar College for more information?

For general inquiries, contact us here to learn more about our programs, admission, campus, and more! If you know what you want to study, you can also visit the program page to book a free call with one of our admissions officers. 

What Our Graduates Have To Say About Cestar College


Great staff in the college! I took my GRE test here but forgot my ID. The test administrators waited >1 hours for me to go home and fetch my ID. My test was suppose to finish at 5:30pm but the administrators stayed until 7pm for me alone. I don’t know the names of the three staff working as test administrators on that day but I’m deeply sorry for my negligence and greatly appreciated for your generous help!

Tianxu An

Cestar College Graduate


Cestar College has a very professional staff, management, instructors and education facility for Part-Time and Full -time studies. You want to LEARN and GROW, sign up for a course in CESTAR. My appreciation and thanks goes to Adrian Sharma & George Thelwell for the unparalleled support and guidance. Thanks Adrian & George

Arvinder Dhaliwal

Cestar College Graduate


As an international student I can reassure that I have received the best teaching from professional lectures. Cesar College is made of a great team, that being lectures, the director of the college and the lovely Paula.

Konstantina Katso

Cestar College Graduate


The staff is very well prepared and professional starting from the director of the school Adrian Sharma and his assistant Caitlin Robertson who assist and help students whenever needed. Being a student from a prestigious university with one of the best lecturers in the UK, I can say that Cestar College has professional and very well-prepared teachers.

Christina Tasiou

Cestar College Graduate


The teachers and staffs are go above and beyond. Great location and clean environment for study with flexible time. I would highly recommend this college!

Bernice, Bing Yi Ruan

Cestar College Graduate


Great convenient location! Morning/evening schedules. Helpful and friendly staff. Teachers are just awesome and made it a great environment to be in.

Ariana Georgiev

Cestar College Graduate

What Our Graduates Have To Say About Cestar College


I turned to Cestar for its Paralegal program. The teachers and Administration has helped me get through the program with no trouble. The teachers and Adrian Sharma have been supporting me since the first day of classes. The Paralegal program at Cestar School will guarantee you have every one of the fundamentals to set you up for the Law Society licencing exam, the teachers are educated, and above all welcoming.

Jananan Sri

Cestar College Graduate


I strongly recommend considering Cestar College for your first or second career program. I have graduated from the Paralegal program and the quality of teaching is very good. We learned through an updated syllabus along with the updated way of learning and practicals. The teachers were supportive and well-experienced professionals. Even in the Covid situation, the College provided various internship and placement opportunities.

Sevil Kerimzade

Cestar College Graduate


I was enrolled in the paralegal program at Sheridan College. I dropped out and came to Cestar College. Cestar College was a wonderful experience. The staff and instructors are very helpful and kind. The classes are small which I think is great because I learned a lot…My experience at Cestar was very incredible. I learned a lot while attending Cestar College. Instructors are always willing to stay back and spend extra time on study material to give a better understanding of the course.

Harp Pannu

Cestar College Graduate


Learn by doing through the guidance of expert instructors who have years of experience in renowned companies. Cestar invest in their instructors so they won’t fall behind in technology or modern pedagogical methodologies. So, only instructors who are really qualified stay at Cestar.

Matthew Okada-Bueno

Cestar College Graduate


Studying at Cestar College has truly been insightful. The staff are professional and always ready to help. The instructors are experienced, reasonable and easy going. Great college overall.

Aytak T.

Cestar College Graduate


Knowledgeable teachering staff who are clearly dedicated to passing on their wealth of information to the students.

Todd F.

Cestar College Graduate

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