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Are you looking for training in a new emerging career? If so, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology is the school in Toronto to attend to acquire the skills you need to be in demand in the workforce. Fast. Whether you are into Application Development, Law or Beauty, Cestar is the place for you!

Are you one of the following?

  • College or university graduate looking to further your education
  • Unemployed, laid off, or unable to find work
  • New Canadian citizen
  • Unsatisfied with your current career, looking for a change, or need to update skills
  • Spent the last few years raising a family and are ready to get back to work
  • Recent high school graduate
  • Injured worker

Wherever you are in life and whatever your needs, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology can offer you current training and assist in finding the right job for you. You can choose from a variety of programs and can surely find one that suits your needs whether you are updating your skills or going in an entirely new direction. Explore the great options available to you and get your career on track!


A lawyer buttoning his jacket in front of some stairs.

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Career Opportunities With A Dental Assisting Diploma

Career Opportunities With A Dental Assisting Diploma

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  • It was during my investigation of colleges that where teachingWind Energy programs, that I came across Cestar College. After meeting with the Director and his subsequent replies to my requests I decided to attend. His straightforward and upfront approach, and no pressure is what made me feel comfortable. They answered all my questions, and concerns. Not...

  • I completed the paralegal program at Cestar College this year. The staff and faculty were all very helpful and knowledgeable. Instructors with real world experience that they shared with the students. I feel that Cestar has given me the tools required to start my own practice with confidence. Recommended.

  • Cestar College’s paralegal program will make you more than competent to write the licensing exam. I have just written the exam and I await confidently for the results. While writing the exam I was never lost for understanding and I recalled the teachings and scenarios used by my teachers (especially Mr. George Thelwell). I couldn’t have been...