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This was a well organized course and well taught. I really enjoyed the hands on labs that went with every chapter. It really helped you understand things better.

Excellent trainers. The instructors were very thorough with their explanations throughout the courses. Hands on training has always benefited my educational experience. I would highly recommend to this school. I also appreciated working in a team environment to have complementary skills and partner input.

Abdikarim Nur

Graduate of Skincare Technician, Laser Hair Removal Technician and Medical Esthetics Certificate Programs- 2011

My personal experience with Cestar College of Business, Health And Technology was a very positive one. The instructors have many years of industry experience to share with their students and answer many questions for both those who wish to work in the field and those who are preparing to open their own businesses.

Upon graduation, I felt confident enough to open my own business and quickly started building up my clientelle base. Studying at Cestar was an excellent choice, and through Cestar, I was able to visualize my goals and bring them into fruition.

I highly recommend Cestar College of Business, Health And Technology to anyone who is serious about getting a hands on learning experience within a knowledgable and friendly learning environment.

Anita Parhar, Unique Hair Salon and Spa