Are you looking for training in a new emerging career? If so, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology is the school in Toronto to attend to acquire the skills you need to be in demand in the workforce. Fast. Whether you are into Application Development, Law or Beauty, Cestar is the place for you!

Are you one of the following?

  • College or university graduate looking to further your education
  • Unemployed, laid off, or unable to find work
  • New Canadian citizen
  • Unsatisfied with your current career, looking for a change, or need to update skills
  • Spent the last few years raising a family and are ready to get back to work
  • Recent high school graduate
  • Injured worker

Wherever you are in life and whatever your needs, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology can offer you current training and assist in finding the right job for you. You can choose from a variety of programs and can surely find one that suits your needs whether you are updating your skills or going in an entirely new direction. Explore the great options available to you and get your career on track!

  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses
  • Beauty Schools & Esthetic Training Courses


Mobile Application Developer Program

Most of us can’t live without social media and our favourite mobile apps. With more and more people relying on their phones to do virtually everything, companies need talented mobile application developers to create the latest and greatest smartphone applications. That’s why mobile application development is such a hot career field.

Mobile application developers create programsand innovative content for iOS and Android. Businesses and consumers alike look to new apps and other technological advances to promote products, coordinate schedules, create and share content and entertain themselves. Those starting out in mobile app development can make *$60,000 or more a year, while those with a few years of experience in the field can quickly make a six-figure income.

*Source: workingincanada.gc.ca
NOC 2174

Paralegal Program

Although lawyers must have a solid understanding of the laws in their jurisdiction and be able to effectively present their cases to judges and juries, paralegals are the ones who work behind the scenes to support lawyers and their clients. Paralegals must possess excellent research skills and have a keen interest in the legal field. They should also have strong computer skills. Cestar College’s Toronto-based Paralegal program prepares you everything you need to enter this exciting field.

It is difficult for a paralegal to obtain a position without any type of experience. Completing the paralegal internship is also a great way to gain experience and get one’s foot in the door of a law office.

There are many opportunities to work as a paralegal. They are found not only in law firms, but in virtually any type of company, from banks to construction companies to insurance companies.  Many people entering this field choose to work independently.  The average salary for a paralegal in Canada will depend on location, job sector and experience.

Cestar’s paralegal program is very intense. It requires 1100 hours of coursework, including a 120-hour internship. Students learn about computers, research and various aspects of law, including:

  • Evidence
  • Contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Ethics
  • Criminal law
  • Administrative law
  • Ethics
  • Billing
  • Office management

Students will learn these skills in a legal setting so they can be prepared to work independently or as part of a team.

Legal Assistant Program

A legal assistant is a different from a paralegal. While a paralegal’s job focuses more on legal terminology and research, a legal assistant’s duties focus more on the administrative side. Legal assistant students must learn about typing, dictating, billing, bookkeeping and accounting. They should be good at math and using spreadsheets and financial software, as they will be in charge of billing clients, keeping track of expenses and making sure that the office is run smoothly.

Legal assistants also need strong computer skills, as they will be asked to use Office software, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Although their focus won’t be on research, they should have a basic knowledge of laws and terminology. Cestar’s Legal Assistant Program in Toronto teaches you all the necessary skills. A legal assistant should also be able to operate office equipment such as fax machines, scanners and copiers. As a person, legal assistants need to be honest and ethical, as they will be accessing personal information about their clients.

Cestar College’s legal assistant program will teach students everything they need to know in order to succeed in a law firm. Courses related to computers, communications and legal terminology will give students the tools to enjoy an exciting career in law.

Law Clerk Program

In many ways, a law clerk is similar to a paralegal. A large amount of research and legal knowledge is required. However, what makes law clerks different is that they are trained to not only assist lawyers but judges as well. Unlike paralegals, they are often involved in trials and hearings. They may act as bailiffs or court clerks. They also spend time drafting documents and pleadings related to cases and delivering them to witnesses and opposing counsel. These documents are also filed away, requiring law clerks to have strong organizational and administrative skills. Law clerks may also participate in arbitration in order to get parties to negotiate on a settlement for a case. Cestar College’s Law Clerk Program prepares you with all of the essential skills for this challenging line of work.

Cestar’s law clerk program requires 1060 hours of coursework, including a 100-hour Law Clerk internship. The internship allows students to gain experience working with several types of law. The program is a good stepping stone for someone who is considering working in the legal profession and wants to gain some education and experience before applying to law school.

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