Swift Programming

3 Benefits Of Using Swift Programming

Swift programming has become one of the leading programming languages and is a successor to Objective C, the language predominantly used for iOS application development. As Swift is adopted more widely by programmers in various areas of the marketplace, it’s important to analyze the benefits of the language and what these benefits can bring to various users. In this article, we’ll take a look at three important benefits of Swift programming.

  1. Swift Consolidates Code Requirements

    Within processes such as string manipulation and repetitive statements, Swift works to minimize the required code. Languages such as Objective-C can be highly verbose, often needing multiple steps simply to combine two programming elements in the code.

    Swift, however, allows users to combine strings with the “+” symbol, thereby reducing complex code. This style of language means developers can insert variables inline to a code string. While in Objective C, using a non-compatible string token can cause the application to crash, without a means of changing the inline text until the process is completed.

  2. Faster Evolution

    The switch from static libraries to dynamic libraries means that Swift-based applications can be linked to the newer versions of Swift that are released over time. Changes to the libraries can then be included within a new update in the app store, with all functionality retained in the application. In addition to faster application changes, this also means that applications are smaller, since external codes are only linked when they’re used for an update.

  3. Playgrounds

    Playgrounds are the ideal tool for developers to use in building their application from the ground up. They are a space in which the developer can create 5-20 lines of code without having to create an entire application to see if the product works as required. This Swift system ensures that any bugs can be worked out of the application before wider release, and allows developers to determine how best to create a product for a specific type of user, ensuring greater levels of precision within the development process.

The Swift programming language is changing the way developers build applications for mobile devices. It reduces the product’s time to market, improving the speed of development and reducing errors within their programming. To discover more on the benefits of Swift, speak with our expert team today!

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