What To Expect From The New Android 7.0

3 Cool New Features Of Android Nougat 7.0

Android users have somewhat become accustomed to waiting for the frustratingly prolonged Android updates that Google releases every year. While Android 7.0 Nougat was released on Aug. 22, the various device manufacturers (HTC, LG, Samsung, etc.) usually like to tweak the release and somehow personalize it, which requires additional testing and tinkering before users can access it.

However, there is a good side to this trend: lots of new great ideas that would otherwise not be available for years. While iOS device users get to enjoy their updates instantly, Android users get to enjoy some really awesome new software features before their counterparts, so it is worth the wait.

Here are some of the cool features to try out with Android 7 Nougat:

  1. Split-Screen Mode

    While a number of OEM versions, like Samsung’s Galaxy Note, already offer the multi-window feature, it is now available as a stock feature. This means that you will be able to split your display in landscape and portrait modes, allowing you to access two apps simultaneously, side-by-side. However, not all apps work with this feature yet.

    To activate split-screen mode, long-press the recent apps (app overview) button while in the app proper, or go to the app picker and long-press an app preview card to drag it to the bottom of the display.

  2. Quick Switching Apps

    Android 7 will allow users to tap the recent app button to shuffle between the two most recently used apps. You can switch to another app whether you are in a full-screen app or split-screen mode.

    This is a super feature that allows you to perform up to three tasks in the multi-window mode. For instance, you could be streaming videos in one window and shuffling between two social feeds in the other window, or writing an email in one window while shuffling between a web page and a note app in the other window.

  3. Power-Saving Features

    Nougat has a better version of Google’s “Doze” feature that debuted in Android Marshmallow 6.0.

    While the original feature puts the Android device in a dormant state when there’s no activity, Nougat offers “Doze on the Go” so you can save more of your battery charge anytime the display is off.

    Another feature that optimizes battery life in Android 7 is Project Svelte, which prevents apps from waking up every time the network connection status changes.


There are several other new features in Android 7 Nougat that will make using your device much easier and convenient. For instance, enabling the hidden “UI Tuner” will give you access to “experimental features” that may change or disappear in future releases. Still, you may enact it to access additional cool options, like the ability to add swipe-up, multi-screen functionality or to tweak the status bar.

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