Development Tools For Mobile Apps

5 Great Development Tools For Mobile Apps

The world of mobile apps is unbelievably fast-paced and being able to bring a great idea to market quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between a valuable competitive edge and a complete flop. No-code and low-code mobile app programming tools and platforms are capable of giving business users and developers that speed and effectiveness. Below are five great development tools for mobile apps.

Socialize AppMakr. This provides app makers with a free platform for building iOS and Android apps and better yet, features its own social network, allowing creators and users to connect with one another. AppMakr is versatile and allows for creative app makers to find creative workarounds and solutions. As with any free tools on the internet that bring considerable value, the free versions often come with advertising that some users may find annoying or invasive.

Mippin Blackberry App Generator. This is a great online tool that allows app publishers to quickly build apps for RIM’s Blackberry and playbook. There is no required coding and App Generator makes submitting an app to the Blackberry App World straightforward with its easy-to-follow process and walk-through.

Xamarin and MonoTouch and Mono for Android. MonoTouch is great for users with C# knowledge who want to build iOS apps and Mono supports android development. Users of both MonoTouch and Mono have lauded the creators for producing easy-to-use native apps that feature great customer support and technical assistance.

RunRev LiveCode. This is a fantastic tool because it allows apps to be written and created for mobile, web, desktop and server deployments. It features its own in-house and easy to learn scripting language. It is an especially unique tool in that it allows users to create a single source base that is capable of working across various platforms.

Alpha Anywhere. This is a database-oriented app development tool which is adept at creating web and mobile hybridized apps which are able to function offline. It is designed to allow developers to build apps quickly, while not compromising on performance and native feel.

App development requires a multitude of tools that allow creators to bring their ideas to market quickly. Many new app developers with great ideas do not have the intricate coding knowledge. Tools that allow creative people without the back-end knowledge to create and bring to market apps with practical and commercial value are revolutionizing the world of app development.

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