Marketing strategies for android apps

5 Tips for Promoting your App

One of the major challenges for app developers occurs not during the development process, but in the post-development stages when it comes time to promote their app.

Most tech-savvy professionals have limited marketing experience, but they must learn to understand expert marketing techniques if they are to ensure their app is a success on the Android or iPhone marketplace. In this post, we’ll take a look at five tips for promoting your app!

1. Paid Social Media Ads

While it might take away from a slice of your business capital, social media targeting and advertising is a proven method of bringing attention to your app. Facebook ads, for example, allow you to select the target group for your ad by age, location and mobile OS. The process can also be simplified by integrating an email list into the Facebook advertising platform.

2. Submit the App to Multiple Stores

Promoting your app through one store can only put the product in front of a certain segment of the mobile user population. This means it’s important to submit the app to as many app stores as possible to ensure optimal market penetration. For example, many simply submit their apps to the Google Play store, but the Amazon app store is also becoming popular among new mobile app users.

3. Make a Freemium Version of Your App

Many developers are now building freemium models for their application. This allows them to introduce their product to a broad section of the population, while placing advertisements for their premium app within the freemium version. Users may then be tempted to download the premium app after taking the free version for a test drive.

4. Get Reviews

Many app users are tempted to download a product due to the reviews that product receives on the marketplace. There are many sites offering paid review services that will ensure qualified professionals review your app and post their review on high visibility sites online.

5. Ensure the App is Optimized Before Putting it on the Market

It’s important for you to review each element of your application before you place it on the marketplace. The user reviews through the Google Play market are known to play an important role in how apps are ranked, and only effectively optimized and polished applications can achieve strong user reviews to boost their ranking levels.

By carefully considering your app promotion process, you can put the spotlight on your product and ensure you achieve an exceptional return for the time and resources placed into app development.

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