How To Handle Your First Bridal Makeup Gig

5 Tips To Master Bridal Makeup

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day. While most women are capable of doing their own makeup on a daily basis, brides often prefer to leave it to a professional to take their beauty to the next level.

Cosmetic training courses give you the skill and confidence to give your client the perfect look and keep her makeup looking awesome all day. Beyond that, here are a few bridal makeup tips from bridal makeup experts to help deliver the best possible look.

  1. Adjust for the Climate and Weather

    If the wedding is taking place in a warmer climate, you should avoid using oil-based products including foundation, primer, and moisturizer.

  2. Cleanse and Moisturize the Skin before Applying Makeup

    It is particularly important that you use the right order when applying bridal makeup. Start by cleansing and moisturizing, apply primer next, and then put on the foundation. Primer helps makeup go on smoother and stay on longer, so the bride can go all day and night with just a little occasional touch-up.

  3. Account for Camera and Lights Tone down

    The camera tends to blow images out and tone down the makeup in photos. As such, it is recommended that you put on a little more makeup than usual. Of course, you should start with less and keep increasing it as the need arises, rather than apply too much makeup and then try to remove the excess later on.

  4. Use the Right Tools

    As a professional makeup artist, you should always have the right tools with you. For instance, you should use a brush or sponge to put on the foundation to ensure minimal contact with your hands that may leave dirt, microbes, fingerprints, etc. Proper application also ensures that any imperfections are well concealed and gives the bride a smooth and finished natural look that blends more evenly into her skin.

  5. Use the Right Concealer

    The ideal concealer for eyes should be very creamy and emollient, and does not need to be oil-free like the one used on the face. This will keep it from getting dry and cakey as the day progresses. Also consider using a peach-based concealer that contrasts the bluish-purple tones of the eyelids. However, you should use a yellowish, oil-free, pigmented, thick concealer for covering a red spot, blemish, or broken capillary.

Final Tip: Impress during the Trial Session

If a bride chooses to hire a professional makeup artist, she will most likely request a trial session before the big day. Make sure you understand her needs to get the gig and make her day.

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