Benefits of Private College vs Public University

Benefits of Private College vs Public University

As you graduate from high school, you’ll start looking at your future and what that might look like.

If you plan on continuing your education, you’ll likely have to make a decision between going to a public university or a private college.

But how do you know which one is right for you?

Private colleges actually have a range of benefits compared to an equivalent public university that not many people realize. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to go to a private college in Toronto.

Smaller class sizes

Definitely one of the best reasons to choose a private college in Toronto over a public university is the significantly smaller class sizes.

Public universities can have tens of thousands of students – University of Toronto has over 60,000 students in the Downtown campus – which often means individual students can get lost in the crowd.

Professors only have so much time and mental capacity to give each student, and when you’re in a class with 400 other students, it can feel like you aren’t receiving the best level of education that you could be.

Private colleges have significantly smaller student bodies which translates into smaller class sizes. This means more direct face-to-face time with your professors, more time for questions and in-depth answers, and feeling like your voice is being heard.

Smaller classes also mean professors aren’t overwhelmed with the sheer volume of students they have to teach and can spend more time explaining concepts, providing feedback, and ensuring each student is feeling like they are truly earning the education they are seeking.

A sense of Community

Coupled with the smaller student bodies is the enhanced sense of community offered at private colleges in Toronto.

Ironically, when you are surrounded by tens of thousands of students, it can actually feel lonelier and more difficult to make a connection than if there were only a few hundred.

Private colleges cultivate a stronger sense of community as their smaller student bodies develop a close-knit relationship. This can lead to beneficial study groups, potential networking opportunities, and even lifelong friends.

Smaller communities can mean easier access to interest groups and clubs, allowing for a more fulfilling extracurricular experience at a private college in Toronto, compared to the crowded or intimidating structure at public universities.

Private college in Toronto students walking to campus

Scholarships & Grants

Private colleges can actually end up costing the same as a public university due to a host of offered scholarships and grant programs.

Public universities can be extremely expensive despite them being “public” – some studies have shown that the average cost per year for a student is up to $20,000!

Despite private colleges being considered “private”, their tuition fees are generally comparable to public universities and they often offer a wide selection of merit scholarships, grants, bursaries, and more.

Taken together, these can dramatically offset the cost of attending a private college in Toronto and remove some of the financial stress of student life. Cester College offers free tuition to domestic and international students who have maintained a high level of academic performance.

Student Support

The closer-knit student communities at private colleges allows for significantly more in-depth student support than is available at public universities.
Many public universities offer basic student support programs to assist with study loads and personal health, but very few can offer direct face-to-face contact and time required to truly provide assistance.

Conversely, private colleges usually offer a comprehensive range of student support services including private tutoring, one-on-one meetings with professors, and organized study groups. Again, due to the smaller student body, professors and support staff have the time and capacity to give each student a higher level of care and attention than is generally available at public universities, which can help with all manner of pressures in student life.

Shorter Completion Time

Another benefit of a private college compared to a public university is overall shorter average completion times.

Public university students take an average of six years to complete their studies. The reasons for this are varied but typically include deferred years, failed classes, or extended programs. The longer a program takes to complete, the longer you are paying for it and the longer you are unable to get out into the workforce and begin your career.

Private colleges typically have an average completion time of four and a half years. As class sizes are smaller and students have access to more support, there are fewer students that fail classes or feel the need to defer, so they receive their degrees up to one and a half years earlier than public university students. Obviously, this can also translate to cost savings, as you are not paying for an extra one and a half years of tuition.

There are many reasons to choose a private college over a public university. If you are looking for an unparalleled private college in Toronto, look no further than Cestar College. Our small class sizes, extensive scholarship and support programs, and commitment to excellence combine to create a truly holistic educational experience.

Contact Cestar College today to discuss your options and make the right choice for your future.

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