Marketing Strategies For A Mobile Phone App

Best Marketing Strategies For Your Mobile App

Due to an incredibly high number of mobile phone apps in Google Play and App Store, marketers are faced with a tougher task of making their products worth the attention. Marketing ideas are slowly becoming depleted and developing an app from an unprecedented blueprint is virtually unfeasible. Moreover, users will only find an app useful for an average maximum of six months, according to studies, and will almost certainly uninstall it after that. That makes it essential that marketers think outside the box if they are to survive in the money-spinning but brimming market.

Below are the five best mobile app marketing strategies.

  1. Identifying the target

    This method involves identifying a specific group of people whose needs the developer would like to address, and slowly crafting and modifying the app to make them loyal users and eventually unsuspecting marketers. Excellent visioning and brainstorming is needed to identify the target persona.

  2. Reasonable pricing

    While earning revenue remains the developer’s main objective, increasing the quantity of sales by reducing price has shown to deliver more than setting a lucrative price tag does. This way, even the least interested potential users can grudgingly give a thought to installing the app and giving it a try. In games such as mobile racing, it would be advisable to offer the app for free and rely on in-app purchases.

  3. Promote retention

    As pointed out earlier, the average app grows mind-numbing in a maximum of six months. To counter this, marketers can reward loyal users with better user experience, free functionality or points and levels if it is a game, while thinking of bait for new users. Swift action to complaints and detecting bugs is vital in this case.

  4. Optimize for the App Store

    Since you can expect that most users will be new unless the app has become very popular, using the right keywords for search results during a random search can be key. A car racing game, for instance, should have the words “best racing game” somewhere in its description, because that is probably what new users will be searching for on App Store or Google Play.

  5. Build in social calls to action

    By embedding Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp buttons in the app, where users can share their progress and achievements with friends, the developer will be implicitly welcoming new members onto the marketing team. They can additionally give rewards in the form of points and unlocked functionality/levels to the users to encourage users to continue sharing. That is reportedly the main marketing strategy behind blockbusters WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Final words

There you have it. These strategies should allow your app to get a strong start.

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