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11 Nov 2014

Exciting Career Possibilities With an Esthetician License

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    An esthetician license has more uses than you might think! It’s a dynamic field, with new career possibilities opening up all the time. Among them are:

    1. Makeup Artist

      Use your creativity to make great new looks for women on special days like weddings and graduations. Or, alternatively, you can go work for the stage or in the movies. Makeup artistry is high-pressure, but more likely than not it’s also high-paying.

    2. Spa Esthetician

      A spa professional helps people have the most beautiful days of their lives. You work not only to directly apply skin and beauty treatments, but also to provide beauty consultations so that clients can keep that spa look all year round.

      Spa estheticians have high pay and great job security. If you’re looking for stability, this is the job for you.

    3. Spa Manager

      A great thing about staying in a stable job is the ability to move up in the ranks. Once you’ve put in some years, you will be ready to take over the entire operation.

    4. Salesperson

      Salespeople in cosmetics bring their positive energy to brighten and beautify customers’ lives. They sell directly to consumers in beauty stores and the cosmetic sections of drug marts, helping people find the best products for their lives and skin.

    5. Brand Ambassador

      Brand ambassadorship is a dynamic and challenging profession. Brand ambassadors are like salespeople, except they deal on a much larger scale. Beauty companies employ brand ambassadors to sell the brand to other beauty professionals. As ambassador, you will travel across the country and meet interesting people on a daily basis. You will also be kept abreast of all new developments in the beauty industry.

    6. Medical Estheticians

      Medical estheticians change lives every day. Mostly, they work providing skin care consultations, helping people achieve their best selves. Specifically people deal with a variety of skin conditions, like acne or psoriasis, with compassion and professionalism. If you want a meaningful career, medical esthetician is the job for you.

    7. Beauty Buyer

      Beauty buyers are the high-level strategists who keep salons and department stores on the cutting-edge of beauty. Buyers keep track of all new trends in beauty products, selecting the best ones for a business’ customers. They are also in charge of maintaining business relationships. Buyers often fly to conferences and board rooms across the world, negotiating high-level deals. For a path into upper management, you can’t do better than become a buyer.

    8. Beauty Educator

      Beauty educators help other beauty professionals achieve their dreams. Educators use and pass on all the skills that they learned in school. If you have trouble deciding which branch of esthetics you like best, becoming a beauty educator is the way to go!

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    Posted on April 18/2020 By Sjanel Starling

    I don’t have a website but email is accepted. I would like to know what would be my best career option for selling my own skincare and starting a line?

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