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5 Steps To Choosing A Private College

Choosing a post-secondary institution is a crucial first step to kickstarting a career in your desired field. No matter which path you decide to go in, you want to make sure the post-secondary institution you choose offers exactly what you need in order to succeed in that industry.

Attending a private college in Toronto might be a great option for you as their programs are not only industry specific but class sizes tend to be much smaller and their highly qualified instructors will give you more individualized support compared to other post secondary competitors.

If you’re thinking about applying to a private college in the near future, here’s everything you need to keep in mind when picking one out.

Step One: Make Sure It’s Registered

Before you enroll to any private college, you want to make sure it’s registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, and that their programs are approved by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges. Much like many other services, this helps ensure that the college and the programs they offer adhere to industry standards and that their curriculum is up-to-date with current trends. This helps ensure that you’re getting a quality education that adequately prepares you for the career you’re striving towards. It’s important you do your research before you apply because if you attend an unregistered program, you can not be protected under the law — therefore due diligence is key.

Apart from registration, take a look at whether or not your private college is accredited or affiliated with any professional associations. While neither of these are requirements for a successful college to run in Ontario, third-party affiliations can speak to the college’s commit to high quality education. Why? Because in order to be associated with these groups, private colleges typically have to apply and make sure they fit within their requirements which typically assess things like class sizes, quality of their programs, quality of their instructors, admission requirements and more. Depending on the industry, going to an accredited college can even look good on your resume, depending on how prestigious that college’s affiliations are.

Step Two: Look Into Their Programs

Much like any college or university you apply to, you want to make sure they offer the program you’re interested in. Private colleges like to offer specialized programs in some of the most lucrative and high demand industries out there today. In the case of Cestar College located in Toronto, we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of programs including Paralegal, Mobile App Development, Hospitality Management and Personal Support Work.

Once you find a program that interests you, be sure to look into their admission requirements as they’ll be different for each course. Besides requiring a high school diploma, some programs may require certain academic averages from high school and depending on the college, they may ask you to do an admissions test. Keep in mind, marks aren’t everything admissions teams like to look into. Some may also want to look at any extracurricular involvement you’ve had or any professional affiliations you have with certain interest groups.

Campus life is a big part of the private college experience in Toronto.

Step Three: Take A Campus Tour

Who doesn’t enjoy a good balance of work and play? Since you’ll be spending a lot of time going from class to class and generally spending more time at school than at home, you want to make sure your future school has a vibrant campus life. In the case of private colleges in Toronto, since programs and class sizes are generally smaller, you’ll be a part of a closer, tight-knit community. Students and instructors typically have friendly relationships and student involvement in extra curricular activities tend to be an important part of the typical college experience.

To help yourself get a sense of what your future school will be like, be sure to book a campus tour. Not only is this a great opportunity to see the grounds, the classrooms and the overall feel of the campus, it will also give you the chance to ask questions about your desired program one-on-one with your tour guide.

Step Four: Crunch The Numbers

When it comes to enrolling to any post-secondary program, it’s going to cost upwards of thousands of dollars. That price tag is largely dependent on a number of factors including location, programs offered and whether or not you’re a domestic or international student. Besides tuition, potential applicants also need to consider the cost of school supplies, living expenses if they’re moving from a different country or city, and/or other general costs of living. The numbers can certainly add up, which is why it’s important to crunch the numbers and know how you’re going to finance your education, if necessary.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fit the entire bill on your own. Private colleges in Toronto typically offer entry scholarships for students to take advantage of. Be sure to look into that ahead of time to check their requirements and make sure you meet the application deadline. If that’s not enough, many colleges also offer financial aid. Cestar College for example, offers various payment programs to help ease the burden of paying for tuition costs. They have monthly payment plans as well as extended monthly plans for those who plan to repay their tuition after graduation.

If you think the price of tuition is a little more than you can afford, always check with your private college’s financial aid department first, who may be able to guide you through some repayment options.

Step Five: Check Out The Location

The location of the private college can be just as important as some of the programs they have to offer, especially for international students. You want to make sure the college you attend takes place in a lively, bustling location as that’s where you’ll be spending a lot of your down time. Not to mention that the bigger the city, the bigger the opportunities you can have to network, volunteer, intern and apply for work. Cestar College is conveniently located in Toronto, Canada, one of the top cities in the world. It’s the epicenter for a lot of major industries in Canada and apart employment, offers endless networking opportunities for you to build your connections and establish your career.

Ready to take the plunge and apply? Contact Cestar College today to help you through the enrollment process. Your future starts today!

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