PSW Raise Ontario – What Current and Future Personal Support Workers (PSWs) Need To Know

PSW working with two patients.

What To Know

Healthcare workers are the most integral part of a resilient healthcare system. The Ontario government has recognized how essential our PSWs are and are moving to make wage enhancement permanent, helping directly support workers to support themselves in our current financial climate.

In Ontario, a new bill was passed in 2022—this 2022 Pandemic and Emergency Preparedness Act expands the PSW wage enhancement efforts established during the pandemic, using the “framework” for the temporary pandemic wage increase to increase PSW pay permanently.

Making temporary wage enhancement for personal support workers permanent is looking up. Many political parties have spoken about their goals surrounding personal support workers.

Specifically, the Liberal Party of Ontario said in part of its 2022 platform that it will work to “Raise PSW base pay to at least $25/hour and increase wages for health care workers.” According to their official website, the party is also looking to establish assured ways for healthcare workers to attain services for mental health.

This type of wage enhancement program is just one of the many reasons to become a PSW, as this job is about so much more than the paycheck you receive.

Being a PSW means actively using your skills to make a difference in the lives of people around you. PSWs have the unique ability to provide community care for patients both within public hospitals and at home, allowing them to foster close relationships with those they care for. Additionally, the outlook for PSW – “Home Support” employment in Ontario is “Very good” in the next three-year period, according to the Job Bank of Canada.

There has never been a better time to become a PSW, which is why Cestar College has worked hard to create “one of the most comprehensive personal support work curriculums in Ontario, covering all aspects of healthcare available to PSW graduates.”

Who is Cestar College?

At Cestar College, we pride ourselves on being an educational institution that helps students build skills that are transferrable to real-life settings, allowing our graduates to find success in the workforce.

About Cestar College’s Personal Support Worker Program – Toronto

By applying to Cestar College’s Personal Support Worker program, you’re choosing a program that actively supports PSW students on their way to becoming healthcare workers.

Our program includes more than 700 hours of learning, including 200 hours of Clinical Placement and 110 hours of Facility Placement. Our highly-skilled instructors work tirelessly to ensure that every student feels confident in their ability to provide for their clients.

Make the best choice for your career in health care and choose Cestar College’s Personal Support Worker Program today!

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