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Starting a business as an esthetician? Here’s what you need to know

Many people are very focused on keeping their skin looking and feeling its absolute best. Because of this increase in desire to maintain healthy skin, becoming an esthetician has become a very popular choice for a number of college students. Once you obtain a solid education in the field, you may be tempted to start your own business as an esthetician. While this is certainly a terrific option, there are a few things you should consider first.

Gain Experience

Getting an education to become an esthetician is certainly a great first step in owning your business, but just as valuable is gaining real life experience on the job. You may want to consider working for another business before starting your own. This way, you can see how other businesses function and perhaps gets some insight on what works and what doesn’t work. This could really help you to save time and even money when you open your own business.

Have All Materials

When you start your own business, you will have to be fully prepared to have everything that you need to operate that business. First, you will need your esthetics license because you will not be able to legally operate your business without it. You will also need all of the skin care products that people typically look for when they visit an esthetician. You will need to be sure that the products are of high quality so that customers feel as if you are truly a professional. Also, don’t forget the facial equipment because this is primarily what a number of customers will be interested in when they come to see you.

Find a Great Location

Location can be everything for a business, but it is especially true for an esthetician business. You should consider if you want others working at your location or if you want to have your own shop. It may be better to couple your business with another, such as a salon.

Choose a Focus

You should consider having a focus at your business. You may want to offer facials, waxing, and or body treatments or you may want to choose one of these as your primary offer to clients. You should consider being comfortable with all of the services, however.


Don’t forget to get your business out there. You should invest money in your marketing approach so that potential clients know what you offer and why they should choose you for the services they need. You should have business cards and a website that people can visit to take a look at what all you have to offer.

Starting your own esthetician business can be exciting and fun. You should remember to include these steps in the process of opening your business so that you can attract more clients and keep them for an extended period of time. Take your skills and put them to use by helping others with their skincare needs.

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