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Taking the Plunge into a Second Career

When you consider a person that has a “second career” it is typically someone who has already had a go in the career world and is recently retired. Retirees often choose a second career either because of their current financial situation or because they are not ready to be completely out of the work force. For some retirees, taking the plunge into a second career allows them to experience a position that they have always wanted to or is just a great way to stay active and have regular interaction with people. No matter the reason, a second career has a number of advantages for those that are making their second run in the workforce. Still, it may be difficult for some people to pinpoint where they should even start looking for work. Here, we will examine some great positions for folks that are looking for a second career.

Online Business

With platforms such as EBay, Amazon, and it is much easier for people to start a simple online business of selling goods. There is still the need for customer service and computer skills, but is more relaxed as it can be operated from the confines of your own home. This is a great option for those that prefer to work from home.


Perhaps you have skills in writing, graphic design, or even web development. If so, freelancing is a great option for a second career. Freelancing allows you to have more control over your workload and telecommute positions allow for a broader job board and potentially more opportunities.


Perhaps you have a particular skillset such as sewing, woodworking or even mechanics. If so, you may be interested in starting a community-based teaching project. Some community colleges offer positions for teaching such classes on weekends or evenings. Another idea for those that have an education background is online professors. With so many universities offering online degrees, this opens up the pool to individuals who love to teach, but prefer a more casual teaching environment.

Career Coaching

You’ve been involved in the workforce for a while so chances are you have a pretty good handle on what it takes to obtain a career and advance in it. If so, career coaching may be the perfect match for a second career choice. If you enjoy working with people and helping them tap into their potential—career coaching is a great option for those that are seasoned in the expectations of the workplace.

Office Work

Many retirees looking for a second career prefer to work in a professional setting, but with perhaps less responsibility than managers and supervisors. If so, then office work such as assistants and secretaries may prove to be the perfect fit. Your days will be busy and organized, but it involves less decision-making than perhaps your previous position. Office work is a challenging and rewarding position for those that are looking for a second career.


Plunging into your second career can be an exciting and liberating time in your life. You have more of an opportunity to choose positions that you are interested in rather than only focusing on the monetary gain. For those that need a second career because of financial strain, there is security in knowing that a number of employers focus on retirees to fill positions that requires experience and knowledge in a particular area.

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