Growth of the Mobile App Economy

The Growth of the Mobile App Economy; Top Companies to Work For

Mobile Apps are taking over the world one cellular device at a time, but who is doing it best? There are thousands of companies out there, some providing unique, innovative technology and others who are just a sheep in the pack. How do you tell the difference?

Xtreme Labs

Xtreme Labs uses three areas to approach their business model: product, performance and discovery. Discovery combines market intelligence, planning, strategy, defining a product, visual design concepts and more. Their product area involves giving the customer control of their product and cost by offering multi-platform development, engineering and quality assurance, support and maintenance and more. Finally their performance area covers the post-launch maintenance and support of all their mobile apps.

Why Work for Them?

Not only do they offer a full benefit package, but you get a $400 fitness credit so you can justify long hours of sitting in front of a computer. Breakfast is catered every morning, you have access to unlimited snacks and drinks, a limitless book budget, speaking bonuses and that’s not even half of their perks.

Polar Mobile

Polar Mobiles’ clients are leading companies in magazines, broadcasting, entertainment and more. They offer a platform known as MediaEverywhere for any device on any operating system. They boast better time-to-market and cost reduction with their platform, giving them an edge over the others.

Why Work at Polar?

You’re probably saying that it better be as good as Extreme Labs. Well, it’s definitely comparable. Along with the standard 100% paid benefits, you’re looking at top-of-the -line hardware, Hack Days to explore new technology, stock options, events full of beer, breakfast every day, free snacks, open vacation time and competitive salaries.


In 2012, his company was voted as the company that everyone wants to work for in British Columbia in the area of companies over 100 employees. They are still growing and making a bigger bang, having gone from 80 employees to over 230 recently.

Why Work There?

If you’re looking for a company that is experiencing exponential growth with space to move around, this is the company to work for. Because they are still experiencing huge amounts of growth, they are hiring mass amounts of people from their website.

The best company to work for depends on many factors. It depends on what their company is doing professionally, what they provide for their employees and what their employees actually think about being there. If you’re looking for a company that treats their employees like gold, these are some of the companies you’ll want to start with, but don’t stop there. There’s still a whole world of mobile apps out there.

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