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What kind of job can you expect after a skin care technician course?

The field of skin care is growing rapidly. Due to the short-term and low-cost education requirements, it is no wonder why many students are seeking to become skin care technicians. Given that the field is expanding, an increasing number of career possibilities are available to prospective students. If you are interested in taking our skin technician course, here is what you can expect to find after graduating.

Jobs available in the skin care industry

  • Esthetician
  • Dermatologist
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Massage Therapist

Working as an esthetician means putting all of your skills to work. This job entails helping patients in a wide variety of ways with their skincare needs. The title itself actually refers to a categorical listing. There are many sub-fields within this one, so anybody that passes the course as a skin care technician will be on their way to becoming an esthetician.

You can find yourself working for a salon or at a doctor’s office. Assessing a patient’s face and recommending treatment options for their individual skin conditions is one possibility. You can also specialize in providing waxing services, which entails removing body and facial hair. The greatest thing about this field is that the options are endless. There is no set path that you must take. A future as an esthetician is one filled with multiple possibilities. Job security is definitely not an issue here.

One sub-field you may want to consider is dermatology. A dermatologist is a physician that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The demand for qualified professionals is very high, and thus is an enticing option for many prospective students. The educational requirements necessitate that you continue your studies, but a skin technician course can easily get you started as a dermatologist’s assistant. This is a great way to get hands-on experience and training. Getting your foot in the door is what it is all about. To give you an idea of why the field of dermatology is so popular, here are some recent salary figures. The median salary for dermatologists in the U.S. is roughly $280,000 (Salary).

Another field that has only showed signs of growth is plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons perform a varying degree of skin remodeling and restructuring work. Any area of the body can be worked on, which means there are a number of specialty niches within the plastic surgery field. For instance, you can perform cosmetic procedures such as nose jobs and face lifts, or you can specialize in helping patients by fixing medical problems and skin conditions.

Most plastic surgeons are eager to hire new graduates, so a job as an assistant is one that can be had fairly easily upon completion of the skin technician course. Massage therapy is yet another demanding field. You can work for on your own or for a company. A career as a massage therapist provides the ultimate job security, as there will never come a time when someone is not in need of professional care for therapeutic or medical reasons.

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