What Makes Cestar College Different?

What Makes Cestar College Different?

When looking for a new Private College in Toronto to start your career with, you want to pick one that stands out from the crowd.

Many Private Colleges and Public Universities have tens of thousands of students, increasing the chances you might be lost in the crowd and not get the attention you deserve. Other institutions offer outdated courses or offer little in the way of job placement support.

Cestar College is a Private College in Toronto that specializes in healthcare, technology, and business. We are one of the leading private colleges in the GTA, offering a more tailored educational experience than larger institutions.

So, what makes Cestar College different?

There are several things about Cestar College that sets it apart from other Private Colleges in the area. Read on below to find out more.

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Small Class Sizes

One of the biggest differences between Cestar College and other educational institutions is our commitment to small class sizes.

Most major public universities or private colleges can have tens of thousands of students on campus at any given moment; The University of Toronto has 88,766! With so many thousands of fellow students to compete with for your professor’s time, you may find your questions going unanswered and feeling lost in the coursework.

When professors have hundreds of students in the same class to teach, grading and providing feedback can take a long time and the feedback provided might not be as in depth and you might like, due to the time constraints of the teacher.

Cestar College prides itself on only offering classes with small cohorts to ensure adequate attention can be given to each individual student. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects, and when they only have to teach classes of 30 students, they are able to dedicate more of their time to guiding and providing feedback. This also lowers the chance of professors burning out and not being able to provide their best work, as they do not have to sift through hundreds of papers to grade every semester.

With a smaller class size, Cestar College gives students the opportunity to let their inquisitive minds run free and ask their professors more in-depth questions about the course material. This leads to a deeper understanding of core concepts and often better performance in exams and assignments.

Flexible Schedules

Cestar College caters to the modern student with our flexible timetables and course structures.

Most Universities and Private Colleges in Toronto have set class structures and times that cannot be moved to accommodate busy modern lifestyles. This leads to students struggling to make ends meet as they juggle their education with their careers and expenses. This creates added emotional and financial stress that can negatively impact grades and academic performance.

Cestar College understands the need for flexibility when it comes to tertiary education in 2019. That’s why many of our courses offer extremely flexible scheduling, with multiple classes during the day and evening to suit any range of availabilities. Modern education practically requires deep integration with online resources, which is why Cestar College offers many components of our courses on the web. This allows students to complete the coursework in a manner that fits with their schedules and allows them to learn the way that works best for them.

Career Management Assistance

The ultimate aim for many that choose to attend college is to improve their career prospects, and Cestar College offers comprehensive career management assistance for all our students.

While most universities and Private Colleges in Toronto will offer some form of career prospect assistance, the sheer number of students on their campuses can make getting an appointment difficult. If you do manage to get an appointment, you can often feel rushed and your main concerns may not be addressed due to the time crunch of dealing with so many students.

Cestar College prides itself on offering true career management assistance for every student in our programs. With a smaller student body to look after, our career counselors can dedicate more time to each individual and offer more tailored advice and recommendations. This can give students a sense of direction and peace of mind knowing they have a plan of action to get where they want to go.

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Financial Assistance

Cestar College has a range of flexible financial assistance programs to help students from all walks of life.

Education in Ontario can be extremely expensive, and student loans or grant programs may not be available to everyone. This can be especially true if you do not have great credit or are recently arrived in Canada.

Cestar College offers a full suite of financial options to every student to help them achieve the education they desire. Our Monthly Payment Plans allow students to stretch out the cost of their education over the course of their studies, and our Extended plans offer even more flexibility. We are also fully compatible with Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) programs as well as Registered Education Savings Plans. Whatever your financial situation, Cestar College can work with you to get you learning fast.

Futureproof Courses

Cestar College makes offering the latest professions and skills a top priority with our futureproof courses.

The global economy is becoming ever more reliant on technology, mobile applications, and coding. With this shift towards digital skills, the most valuable educational programs have also shifted to align with this new demand in jobs. While many universities and private colleges in Toronto are stuck in the past offering outdated degrees, Cestar College has strived ahead to offer the most in-demand skills for today’s job market.

We offer extensive courses in mobile app development, coding, website development, and more. We also offer courses in renewable energy, with specializations in wind and solar power. This exploding market is predicted to overtake fossil fuel generation rapidly over the next few decades, which makes getting an education in this field now a fantastic investment in your future.

Are you looking for a leading Private College in Toronto? Cestar College is one of the most respected educational institutions in Ontario, conveniently located in North Toronto. We offer a range of modern courses that will give you the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today.

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