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What skills do you need to become an esthetician?

As more and more specialty salons and spas are opened across North America, the demand for estheticians has increased exponentially. If you enjoy styling hair, applying make-up, or painting nails, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered esthetics as a career path.

Being an esthetician can be a rewarding, fun, and most importantly, profitable career for the right person, but not everybody has what it takes for this competitive industry.

Before deciding on a career in esthetics, you might want to consider whether or not you have these skills, which are necessary for any successful esthetician:

#1. Precision

Nobody wants to pay for a lopsided hair cut or a messy manicure! For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you have a knack for precision.

That said, nobody wants to sit for three hours just for a simple haircut either. The ability to combine attention to detail with speed and efficiency is of utmost importance if you intend on pursuing a career in esthetics!

#2. Familiarity with a Wide Array of Services

While being a master manicurist or hair styling hero is a good start, your chances at success are much higher if you’re familiar with a wide array of services. After all, a client might have their hair cut once every four months, but their legs waxed once every four weeks.

An esthetician should be comfortable performing at least a few of the following services: hair cuts, dye jobs, manicures and pedicures, make-up application, waxing, threading, and spa treatments such as wraps and facials.

#3. Creativity

Estheticians capable of executing the textbook trends and styles are as common as mosquitos in the summertime. To ensure your status as a high-demand esthetician, it’s important to have a creative flare and the ability to add individuality to all of your services.

In addition, any top-ranked esthetician knows that the same style that looks fabulous on one client might be a horrible fit for another customer. With a creative mind, it’s easy to envision what a particular haircut or nail colour will look like on different customers, allowing you to make all of your clientele feel as beautiful as possible!

#4. Communication

Quality services may be the most important offering of any esthetician, but communication skills are a close second.

Interact with your customers, listen to they want, and most importantly-make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Having a good relationship with your customers will ensure that you have a loyal clientele base for years to come.

#5. Business Attitude

When it comes down to it, an esthetician is a business man/woman. With that, it’s important to know how to sell your services, and yourself. Always be personable, answer customers’ questions, sell products and services that you personally believe in, and give your clients a reason to keep coming back.

The esthetics industry is highly competitive with tens of thousands of salons and stylists. In order to make a profit, it’s important to follow the same fundamentals as any other entrepreneur. Be innovative, be competitive, and tenacious!

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