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Why Android is the Preferred Technology For Smartphones

In recent years, the near constant battle between Android and iOS for mobile operating system supremacy has become more of a one-sided fight. Android is increasingly becoming the most popular technology for use on mobile device and millions of users around the globe are making their choices known by way of their wallets.

Android’s value as an operating system has grown in strength in recent years based on its dynamic and evolving set of features. Within this post, we’ll explore Android’s features as we take a look at what makes Android the preferred technology for smart phones.

An Open Operating System

One of the clear and most important benefits to Android is that it’s an open operating system. Android users can install applications from third-party developers if they so choose. The system will outline the risks to users of downloading apps from third-party sites, but unlike iOS, it doesn’t restrict what the person can download over their phone. This sense of freedom appeals to the modern mobile system user.

Low Cost/Free Applications

The vast majority of applications offered through the iOS system cost at least 99 cents. Mobile systems users are often reticent to pay for a product before they purchase it, and the Android team gives them access to a range of free or low cost applications. This has seen many app developers turn to a freemium or an in-app advertising model to build development revenue.

Customizable UI

For the tech-savvy, Android is considered the clear favoured choice of operating system due to its customizable UI. System users can customize various elements to suit their own usage needs. Whether users require emails and other productivity-focused services on their home page, or they want the latest news from their social feeds the moment they open their phone, they can do so by tweaking the settings on their Android phone.

Compatibility with Business Tools

Android technology offers streamlined compatibility with and between various tools offered by the leading software manufacturing companies. This is ideal for business users as it allows them to simply download products and begin using them on their phone without having to find dedicated patches that will allow the product to perform effectively.

Streamlining use and empowering user control, Android is now the clear leader within the mobile operating system marketplace. To learn more about the benefits Android offers users and developers, speak with our team directly.

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