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Paralegal Training Toronto1100 Hours with Internship

Paralegals are currently in high demand due to their vast contributions to law firms and are an asset to any legal team but also can work independently.

Our Paralegal program is taught by experienced lawyers and paralegals and is fully accredited by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

Cestar College of Business, Health & Technology trains and prepares students for employment as professional Paralegals.

Upon completion of our Paralegal Program, students are required to successfully complete a 120 hour field placement in a legal environment within a paralegal’s permitted scope of practice. This can be in a variety of legal settings including a court office, legal clinic, paralegal firm, law firm or with municipal prosecutors.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates in our Paralegal program can pursue careers in:

  • Law and Paralegal firms
  • Government: Municipal, Provincial or Federal levels.
  • Courts: Federal & Provincial
  • Banks or financial Institutions
  • Tribunals/Administrative Agencies
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Self-Employed Paralegal
  • And other Law-Related Occupations

Our Paralegal Training Program is Accredited by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

The 120 hour internship placement provides students with practical learning opportunities in a legal setting.

  • Introduction to Law
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Law Office Computer Applications
  • Administrative Law
  • Employment Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Torts and Contracts
  • Regulatory Offences
  • Communication and Writing
  • Evidence
  • Advocacy
  • Provincial and Motor Vehicle Offences
  • Criminal Law and Summary Offences
  • Ethics
  • Landlord Tenant Law
  • Small Claims Court
  • Legal Billing Applications
  • Tribunals
  • Practice Management
  • Job Field Preparations
  • Internship
Paralegal Program
Paralegal Training

Paralegals are an asset to any legal team or can work independently!

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