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    55 WEEKS
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    Deadline to Apply

    Early April 2021
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    Program Begins On

    April 2021

    Paralegals work in a very diversified environment; they assist people in
    many areas of law including:

    Statutory Accident

    Small Claims


    Employment Law

    Health and Safety

    Human Rights

    Motor Vehicle

    Building and
    Fire Code


    • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or
    • Be at least 18 years old and pass a qualifying test approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
    • Sign an Acknowledgement that a clear police record check is required and will be provided at least 60 days prior to practicum placement

    Flexible Payment
    Structure Available


    Frequently Asked Paralegal FAQ

    Becoming a Paralegal in Ontario is a completely different ball game than becoming one in any other province in Canada. Unlike in provinces like Quebec or B.C., the provincial government of Ontario passed legislation in May of 2007 to clearly outline and define the responsibilities and educational requirements of a Paralegal, making it a fully accredited and regulated profession. Whilst this means that becoming one is harder and more time consuming, the rewards for putting in that hard work are significant when it comes to negotiating your salary and professional duties. If you’re considering taking the plunge into one of Canada’s fastest growing professions, you’ll need to know everything you’re required to do in order to become a Paralegal. Let’s take a look at how one becomes a Paralegal in Ontario.

    Paralegals are increasingly in demand in Ontario as many law firms look to replace lawyers on their staff to decrease costs and improve flexibility.

    A career as a paralegal can be a deeply rewarding one especially in Ontario, as paralegals are legally entitled to represent their own client independent of a lawyer. The median wage for a paralegal in the province is $58,712, and the highest earning paralegals can bill $50 to $75 per hour of their time.

    The job sector is also projected to grow at 18% between 2010 to 2020, keeping pace with other professions and improving chances of securing employment immediately after completing a paralegal course.

    But how long does it take to become a paralegal from start to finish?

    Less than 2 years. This timeline includes completing the full certificate program, studying and writing the licensing exam, and receiving exam results (if you pass this is the last step in officially becoming a paralegal!)

    Any profession in law requires hard work, dedication, and an extensive knowledge of all the intricacies of a country’s legal framework. Whilst a pure law degree may be daunting and out of reach for some, a career as a paralegal can be just as rewarding, both professionally and financially. Lawyers are somewhat infamous for their earning potential, but what about other legal professionals?

    A Paralegal is someone who trained and educated to run legal administration, assist lawyers in preparing for cases, and contributing to the due diligence process. In Ontario specifically, Paralegal professionals have recently been given the right to even more legal responsibility and can represent clients in small claims cases and appear before a judge to defend minor offences. So after all of those long nights of studying and gruelling exams, how much can a Paralegal expect to make in Canada?

    Those unhappy in their current careers or financial positions might look towards investing in a paralegal profession.

    Paralegals in Ontario are in high demand due to their ability to work independently and detailed knowledge of Small Claims Court procedures and tribunal litigation.

    The median salary for a paralegal in Ontario is also twice the national median income at $58,712, offering a greater level of financial independence and stability.

    But what do you do if you’re not fresh out of high school and feel like a career change?

    Becoming a paralegal is in many ways a perfect midlife career change opportunity for a number of reasons.

    Let’s discuss why a paralegal career could make sense for you.

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