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Dental Assistant Program Toronto – Intra-Oral Level I & II

  • Hours Per Week:

    25 hours
  • Total Hours:

    1245 hours(*This includes an internship.)
  • Duration:

    52 weeks | Program Starts Spring 2021.
    • Estimated Completion is Spring 2022
  • Admission Requirements:

    AGE - 18 YEARS OR OLDER Minimum age requirement And pass an approved qualifying test
    HS - ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Minimum requirement High School Diploma
  • Skills:


Understanding the principles behind dental X-rays & radiography.


Learning the theory and practicalities of assisting in dental operations.


Learning how to identify and perform preventative dentistry procedures.


Developing patient care skills for direct care and chairside assisting.

  • Dental Assisting Levels I and II Programs

  • Program Goals & Learning Outcomes

  • Career & Postgraduate Education Opportunities

  • Instructional Methods

  • How You Will Be Evaluated

  • Program Qualifications & Accreditation

  • How to Apply

Ready to start your journey in becoming a certified dental assistant? Here at Cestar College, we offer two levels of certification under our Dental Assistant Program - Intra-Oral Level I & II.

Unlike a dental hygiene program, this program thoroughly prepares its learners to provide direct aid to dentists in the form of administration tasks, patient preparation, chairside dental assisting, and various other dental assisting tasks in the dental office.

Level I and level II dental assistants (as subdivided by the Canadian Dental Assistants Association and recognized by the Ontario Dental Assistants Association) need specific training programs that will refine the needed skill sets for different responsibilities on the job.

See our scope of practice from the ODAA here.

Level I Program Description

While on the job, Level I dental assistants are usually tasked with preparing the patient for dental procedures, charting the patient’s information, sterilizing the treatment area and the instruments, making cast models, relaying post-operative instructions to the patient, maintaining dental supplies, and so on.

Cestar College’s Level I program prepares students for all of these tasks with comprehensive foundational training that covers dental assisting fundamentals, dental record keeping, job-relevant laboratory procedures, and additional necessary skills and knowledge.

Level II Program Description

Level II intra-oral dental assistants are equipped with the technical skills needed to perform a wide variety of dental assisting tasks such as exposing dental radiographs, selective coronal polishing, applying and removing dental dams, performing tooth whitening, applying desensitizing agents, applying fluoride, and various other supporting tasks for various dental procedures.

With Cestar College’s Level II intra-oral dental assistant program, aspiring learners are given hands-on formal training on key dental areas to acquire the mandatory skills for level II dental assistants - all in accordance with NDAEB guidelines.

Moreover, students are equipped with the comprehensive knowledge they needed to pass the NDAEB exam, which is a requirement to become a certified dental assistant. Depending on your province, this certification may be mandatory. For instance, the Ontario Dental Assistants association requires all practicing level II intra-oral dental assistants to be certified.

Cestar College’s Dental Assistant Program prepares career-minded individuals for success in dental assistant positions and other similar positions in the dental healthcare delivery system. The curriculum is carefully designed to address the theories and practice of modern dental assisting while also recognizing the demands of adult education.

Our students are empowered with self-direction, independence, and marketability to be able to rise up to the challenges of the current professional landscape of dental assisting. This overarching learning outcome is interwoven into four key dental areas:

Dental Radiography

Dental radiography is a valuable tool in locating, isolating, and diagnosing a patient’s dental problem. Students enrolled in our dental assisting program are provided the technical skills and relevant knowledge to perform vital dental radiography tasks such as mounting radiographs, critiquing x-rays, caring for dental x-ray equipment, and so on - all while abiding by federal and provincial regulations. 

Operative Dentistry

Operative or restorative dentistry is the area of dentistry that treats diseases or defects of the hard tissues of the teeth. Operative dentistry seeks to restore or enhance the form, function, and aesthetics of this part of the body.

Our dental assisting courses provide the hands-on formal training and education necessary to be able to property assist dentists with tasks associated with operative dentistry - such as tooth fillings, dental implants, composite bonding, root canals, tooth extractions, and the like.

Preventative Dentistry

The goal of preventive dentistry is to help patients avoid pathology, cavities, and infections to maintain long-term oral health. We aim to equip our dental assistant students with the required knowledge and skills to partake in tasks under preventive dentistry - tasks like fluoride treatments, applying sealants, cleanings, and so on.

Patient instruction regarding or addressing basic dental hygiene and personal care (e.g. brushing and flossing techniques) and specific post-operative instruction for long-term dental health are also tasks that fall under preventive dentistry.

Patient Care

One of the most important aspects of dental assisting is to be able to provide patient care before, during, and after any dental procedures are done. Patient care can take the form of emotional support, physical comfort, due information, respectful treatment, and so on.

Cestar’s Dental Assistant Program was therefore designed to instill the right mindsets and skills to be able to provide chairside dental assisting and direct care in accordance with proper patient care principles.

Dental assisting is considered as one of the most fulfilling and stable healthcare-related career paths. It starts with accelerated learning informal training that can be completed in a year’s time. After this, a competitive salary range awaits with opportunities abound.

Your Dental Assisting Career

Note that this training is specific to the guidelines of practice within Canada and does not extend to practice in the United States. However, there is a wide array of possible practice environments in Ontario alone - such as the dental office, hospitals, public health, military, research, and dental supply companies. Starting salaries can range from $45K to $60K.

Career Opportunities


PRIVATE PRACTICE Intra-Oral Dental Assistant

Assist dentists in a private practice setting.


MILITARY Intra-Oral Dental Assistant

Assist dentists in the military performing dental procedures


MILITARY Intra-Oral Dental Assistant

Assist dentists in the military performing dental procedures


RESEARCH Intra-Dental Research Assistant

Help research new technologies and products for the dentistry field.

Future Education Options

Continued learning is a great way to bridge the knowledge gap between you and the dentist/s that you work with. This way, you can be a valuable and indispensable member of the dental assisting team in the dental office.

Moreover, the experience you gain as a dental assistant prepares you in the event that you decide to shift your career focus within the dental field - such as if you decide to become a dental hygienist, a dental laboratory technician, or a dentist.

We make use of varied instructional methods to facilitate an effective learning experience for all types of learners.


We endeavour to keep class sizes small to maintain a student-to-teacher ratio that is conducive for in-depth learning. In our dental assisting lectures, faculty members present vital information and stimulate group discussions.


Seminars are learning experiences where students work in cooperative groups and participate in various group activities regarding dental assisting. This may involve the rotation of a faculty member to each of the groups to provide feedback.

Practical Clinical Work

Practical clinical work is a learning experience where students are able to participate in hands-on activities related to dental assisting that may involve lab equipment. There may also be simulated pre-clinical or patient care sessions.

Independent Project Work

Students are given a scheduled time to work independently on specific projects or assignments within or outside the course.

Students are thoroughly acquainted with the evaluation tools to be used, with an explanation of the steps that they must take in order to be successful. This degree of familiarity with the evaluation tools allows our students to be able to assess themselves as well as peer review each other. For all evaluated tasks, a student is given the opportunity to perform the task for a certain amount of times before being evaluated by the instructor.

For a full evaluation of the tools used within the dental assisting program, please refer to the published course outlines.

Admission Requirements

Enrollees must be 18 years of age upon application and have passed an approved qualifying test OR possess a high school diploma.

HARP Approved

Cestar College’s dental assisting course (Intra-Oral Level I & II) features HARP-approved dental radiography training.

Ready to begin your training to be a certified dental assistant? Then head on over to our Admissions page for the full instructions on how to apply. We hope to see you soon. If you have any questions for us about our program for dental assisting, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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