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Reasons To Become A Personal Support Worker
14 Nov 2016

5 Benefits Of Being A Personal Support Worker

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    When choosing a career as a support worker, it means that you will be helping people, such as the elderly, injured, expectant/nursing mothers, or those with disabilities, to become more independent and become more involved in aspects of everyday life.

    Studies show that over 50 per cent of graduates from Personal Support Worker Programs end up leaving the profession. This means that a good number of people choose this career path without necessarily knowing what is required of them, or whether they are the right fit.

    Here are the key benefits for those who choose to keep working as personal support workers:

    1. Job Security

      This is one of those jobs that is always on demand, considering that there will always be sick and elderly people in the world who need assistance performing normal tasks.

      This does not necessarily mean that all job opportunities offer full-time opportunities. On the contrary, most personal support workers begin their career as casuals or working part-time. But you will always have it as source of income.

    2. Range Of Work Environments

      Unless you don’t like to help people, or don’t particularly love to work with people, you can enjoy working as a personal support worker. There are many different work settings to choose from, including nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, private homecare, or working with agencies. You can choose one or two to show diversity in your resume.

    3. Flexibility

      When you have a client or clients, they will need your help every day, year round. You don’t get to rest on Friday nights or take Sundays off. Fortunately, these jobs usually involve shifts, and you can adjust your shift time to manage other aspects of your life outside work.

      Working with agencies offers more flexibility, as you can make your own schedule. This actually allows you to work on more than one job.

    4. It’s Rewarding

      It usually feels good to make a donation or support a noble cause. As a personal support worker, you will be helping your clients eat, bathe, take their medications at the right time, and more importantly, providing them with a person to confide in. Basically, you will play a big role in restoring the health, dignity, and happiness of your clients, which is very rewarding to you, as well.

    Lastly, you can start making good money as soon as possible. If you determine that you are a good fit for the job, you can enrol in a personal support worker program that fully prepares you for work in as little as 25 weeks, compared to four years for other university programs.

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    Posted on July 10/2019 By Eunice

    Great job to have. I love helping people.

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