6 Websites To Help You Stay Current With iOS Development

6 iPhone Developer Blogs You Should Read

Are you a student looking to pick up a few iPhone developer program tips, or an iOS developer enthusiast eager to connect with like-minded peers? Lucky for you, there are dozens of high-quality iOS blogs that give you the insights, techniques, and tools you need to make your coding experience much more enlightening. Here are a few blogs to check out today.

Apple Swift Blog
Every iOS developer needs to visit this site on a regular basis for official news about the technology, and tips on the Swift programming language, right from the engineers who crafted it.

Ray Wenderlich
Both beginners and experienced iOS developers can benefit from the tutorials, articles, and podcasts on this blog. It has all the information you would ever need as a programmer, plus you can connect with the community of developers who are always willing to share their knowledge.

This is a journal of some iOS topics that don’t often receive much coverage, like Cocoa, Objective-C, and Swift. It is updated weekly by Nate Cook (previously it was Matt Thompson). It has great information for developers looking to learn the best practises when using Apple’s APIs. You will gain a good understanding of Apple’s frameworks, which will make future iOS coding easier for you.

Oliver Drobnik shares numerous detailed Objective-C code examples, as well as other Objective-C related stuff. Upcoming iOS developers can pick up a lot from this website, which is updated frequently by the developer of iWomen, GeoCoder, Urban Airship Commander, and other apps available on App Store.

Release Notes
This is a podcast show hosted by Joe Cieplinski and Charles Perry. They cover a wide range of topics concerning the business of Mac & iOS indie software development. It is a great source of inspiration, tools, design, and trends for independent developers looking to venture into the Mac and iOS ecosystem. The blog does not, however, share any code.

This is a vibrant community that can benefit iOS developers immensely. New iOS developers can learn a lot from the abundance of tutorials and other helpful information regarding iPad, iPhone, Swift, Objective-C, and iOS programming and app building.

Obviously there are many other resources out there—blogs, vlogs, podcasts, forums, etc.—but these should help you get started.

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