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Everything You Need To Know Before Enrolling In A Mobile App Development Course

There are officially more smartphones than humans and they are multiplying five times faster than us, too! In fact, few other pieces of technology have made their mark on us like the mobile phone has: it is the fastest growing manmade object ever. Part of this rise in smartphones is due to the apps themselves.

Today, with there being an app for just about every possible human activity, the mobile phone has opened up a new, modern-day career avenue in mobile app development. In fact, according to the Government of Canada, even those just starting out in mobile app development can make $60,000 or more per year. After several years, this number can quickly become six figures.

  • The Basics: What is Mobile App Development?

    Mobile app development involves writing software for various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Career Opportunities

    There are a multitude of career paths available, including mobile application developer, mobile games developer, mobile web specialist, IOS developer, mobile software developer or even self-employed freelancer.

  • What to Look for in Choosing the Right Course

    You will have a better chance of putting your education to use if you look for a course that offers a well-rounded skillset. Look for a program that offers you the chance to acquire the following skills:

    1. Mobile user interface design (UI design)
    2. General computing
    3. Programming languages
      Look for Java, C and C++, mobile platforms like Apple iOS, Google’s Android, etc. and web development languages like HTML.
    4. Business Skills
      How to market your app or how to get people to spend more will be important when you go to monetize your app.
  • Quick Tips

    – During your studies, consider putting all of your new learning to use by building your own app to get ahead of the game. This will look great on your resume and employers will be impressed. Also consider an internship to gain valuable skills in the field.

    – Get a subscription to a tech magazine to always stay up to date on the latest trends, or frequently visit reputable tech websites for insider information.

  • Working in Mobile App Development

    – Be prepared to move to areas with projected growth in the technological field. Waterloo, Ontario is Canada’s version of Silicon Valley.

    – If you plan to work for a tech company, try your hardest to get in with one you’re passionate for. Whether that be fantasy games, sports apps, or learning tools, each company has its own speciality, and having personal interest in the one you’re working for will make your career vastly more enjoyable.

    – Keep in mind that bigger tech companies, while the pay may be higher, will often not give you as much control over the design of apps as small startups will. Consider what is right for you.

  • Post Education: Common Mistakes that New App Developers Make
    1. Failing to Stay on Top of Trends

      This has far-reaching ramifications. If you do not consider consumer demand, you might not have an audience for your product to begin with. Similarly, if you do not stay on top of how other popular apps are monetizing, you may end up making a bad call in the end and losing out on a lot of money.

    2. Not Considering the Market
      Many developers fail to consider their market when making decisions about their app. For example, they might ask if the app should go on iOS, Android or Windows. While iOS is very popular in the United States, Android is much more popular on a global scale. Therefore, if you plan to market your app outside of the U.S., you would want to consider Android.

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