Cosmetician Branding

How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Cosmetician

Enrolling in cosmetic training courses is the first step to a successful career as a cosmetologist. At first, you may be satisfied working in a salon then gradually move to busier work as you gain confidence in your skills. Eventually, you may choose to start your own salon business.

You’re in charge of your personal brand

Just like when you had regular customers working for someone else, when you start your own business, you will still need to attract prospects for their repeat business. This is where personal branding comes in. You need to define how people see you and your business: the values and characteristics that they use to describe you and your business.

In cosmetology, personal branding goes beyond the colours, images, or fonts in your logo. A plumber or technician would want to be known for his solution-oriented approach and ability to improvise. Similarly, a cosmetician would want to be known for his/her skill, credibility, and perhaps something else?

Being aware of your personal brand, and controlling it, is essential to building a successful career – whether as a saloon owner or as a freelancer. Here are a few tips to help you with this:

  • Define your brand. Take your time to identify and note down the words and values that best describe you and your business. Try to be honest with yourself and pick those that your clients will find relatable.
  • Choose your specialty. You can choose to focus on a specific component of cosmetology that helps you stand out. It will be your point of differentiation and the reason why prospects will choose you over competitors.
  • Write a bio. If you are going to create a profile on social media – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – or a website, you must introduce yourself to your potential clients. Include your business location, work experience, education, specialty, personal interests, volunteer work, and anything else that helps to identify you as a person/expert/professional.
  • Build your professional network. Networking is key to building your personal brand. You need to interact with suppliers, competitors, clients, and other people in your industry. Attend as many relevant events as you can. Become a guest blogger if need be and make yourself known.

Once you create your brand, the next step is promoting it. This means having a strong online presence through your website and social media pages, as well as an offline presence by having your business cards, giving pamphlets, organising/attending networking events, and so on. Just make sure to be consistent with your brand.

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