Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation: Techniques and Methods

As people age, they are always in search or products or procedures that can give them look their absolute best and give them back their youth. The problem is that often the products do not give lasting results and the procedures are expensive and painful. For many people, surgery and other serious procedures can seem too scary and not worth the risks. There is one option, however, that provides effective results and is essentially painless that does not require any nips or tucks.

Photo rejuvenation is a method that combats aging skin by the exposure to high-intensity light. This procedure is unique because it essentially works to stimulate various levels of the dermis of the skin in order to address signs of aging that already exist.

The process itself is very simple. The area that is to be rejuvenated is directly exposed to the light for about fifteen minutes to one hour. There are a number of flashing lights that will occur directly on the skin which is meant to reach down all the way to the deepest dermis of the skin. It is ideal for patients to participate in 4-7 sessions within a 10-14 day spread in order to reach the most desired results. There is no pain, but the area that is targeted may be red for up to one hour after the procedure. Also, there is a slight burning and tingling sensation, but it has been described as very mild. It is important for patient’s to understand that it will take a number of sessions to see results and that one session will not provide any noticeable changes. After the procedure, patients can resume normal activity, but should be careful to avoid sun rays. This will help avoid secondary pigmentation.

There procedure can be done on several areas of the body. The most common areas are: face, neck, check, and hands. These are the areas that seem to be the most obvious areas where the body begins to age. There are a number of things that photo rejuvenation can address which include: wrinkles, enlarged pores, minor scars, freckles, and even stretch marks. Once the process is complete the patient’s skin will look absolutely refreshed.

This procedure is considered to be a breakthrough option in cosmetic medicine. Now, patients can opt for a procedure that does not require a costly surgery with a lengthy recovery. Instead, there is an option that is essentially pain-free and still provides the lasting results that everybody desires. The public finally has an effective and long-lasting option unlike any of the others.

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