Best iOS Apps To Download Right Now

The Best iOS Apps To Download Right Now

Although Apple no longer plans to release major iPhone upgrades every two years, many users may still appreciate an app revamp every few months. This is one of the best ways to get the most value from your iOS device, no matter the year of release. From QR scanners to photo editing, your device is capable of accomplishing nearly anything today. Here are some new iOS apps that will likely make your life simpler and more enjoyable.


One of the best ways to keep your password protected services secure is by using a unique password each time. However, it is nearly impossible to remember the different passwords. The 1Password iOS app syncs with the desktop app to keep your different accounts secure by creating and storing the unique passwords for the different services. All you need to remember is the password to access this app.


Signal is a great alternative to WhatsApp or your standard messaging app. It uses end-to-end encryption for optimal privacy, and you can even set a timer to delete messages on both devices. The app also allows you to share clear video calls and voice messages.

Google Chrome

This is a great alternative to Safari, the default browser. Chrome syncs your bookmarks and history across multiple devices, and offers useful features such as unlimited tabs and search autocomplete. The incognito mode is also great if you prefer not to keep your browser history.

Google Photos

Apple has an incredible photo app, but Google Photos offers a lot more functionality that you’d really appreciate. The super-smart photo assistant is designed to intelligently organize your photos and store them in the cloud in a searchable way. The app also create mini-films for snaps captured on the same day or at the same location.


When it comes to choosing a weather app, precision is key. Darksky relies on your device’s GPS to produce minute-by-minute weather forecasts, telling you what kind of weather to expect in one hour, so you can plan your day better.


This is a great app for reducing your travel time. Waze lets you know how fast other app users are travelling on the road and offers alternative routes, while you are en-route, to shorten your commute. Besides tracking traffic, the app also sends you alerts about any accidents, on-going road work, red-light cameras, and even traffic police on your route.

There are many other great iOS apps that can make your life easier and fun. You just need to dedicate one lazy afternoon to sample some of them. From gaming and dating to food and fitness, you won’t be disappointed.

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