Tips To Write The Best Laser Technician Resume

Tips To Write The Best Laser Technician Resume

Besides completing your laser technician courses, to get a job as a laser technician, you need a great resume. The following tips will give you insight on how to create an impressive resume that will hopefully lead to you landing your dream job as a laser tech aesthetician.


Your resume needs to include where you attended school. No matter where you completed your laser technician courses, this information needs to be prominently featured on your resume. You will also need to include the dates you attended school and whether you’ve received any further certifications. This portion of your resume should look something like this:

[School name/laser technician courses] – [Certification received] – [Dates attended]


Cestar College – Aesthetics Diploma – September 2016-February 2017

Work experience/practical experience

As part of your laser technician courses, you probably were able to shadow a professional aesthetician and gain practical experience. You may have also been involved in a work placement program or internship while you were in school. You will also need to mention the number of hours you have under your belt. This lets potential employers know that you have finished the required number of hours needed to practise as an aesthetician. This information must be included in your resume. It should appear like this:

[Name of salon/clinic] – [Position] – [Dates worked] – [Hours completed]


World of Beauty – Intern – March 2017 – 120 Hours

Knowledge of equipment

Besides where you completed your laser technician courses, knowledge of equipment is one of the more important things your resume needs to highlight. Potential employers want to see that you understand how the equipment works and are able to use it.

[Type of equipment used] – [Skill level]


Trained and certified user of Candela Gentle tease Plus and LightSheer Duet Lasers – Proficient

Understanding of skincare

This is the part of your resume where you can list everything you’ve done to date regarding client skin care and skin care maintenance. Here’s an example:

  • Analyzed clients’ skin conditions in detail to determine best course of action
  • Created home care regimen for clients and provided follow-up care
  • Made product recommendations based on each client’s unique skin situation
  • Developed individualized therapeutic skin care programs that suited each client
  • Performed laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation procedures and permanent cosmetic procedures

If you’re thinking of becoming an aesthetician, Cestar College offers laser technician courses to get you on your way. Contact us for more information.

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