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What is an SDK and how do mobile app developers use them?

SDK or a Software Development Kit is a set of software tools that allow for the creation and development of software, hardware, operating systems, consoles, or platforms. It could be a simple implementation of an API (application programming interface) or as complex as the communication application between hardware and an embedded system. Common tools include updates, debugging agents, sample code, tech notes, and documentation. SDKs often have protective licenses that make them unsuitable and incompatible with opposing systems, freeware, etc.

A mobile app developer or software engineer will usually receive the SDK from the intended system’s principal developer, or can be downloaded online at no charge to encourage developers to use the system, code, or language in order to create compatible software. From there, the developer will create add-ons, applications, and more for software products. Android, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies are essentially providing the public their operating system’s building blocks, in hopes that talented developers will come up with ideas, do the research, development and testing for their corporation on their own time hoping they find the next big thing!

If updates, applications, and add-ons are successful, companies often then strive to purchase and rebrand these products under their own umbrella of products. That specific company will then possess the rights to that product and will continue to research, update, and in turn sell the application to the public or use it as a platform to market, sell ad space, or further promote the usage of their operating systems over a competitors as they have something different and unique to offer.

As a developer, you could help found the next product that the public just can’t live without! Think of the success behind YouTube! Developers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim had a meeting of the minds and simply desired a better way to share videos when the idea for YouTube was born and branded and was later sold to Google for $1.65 billion! Another household name with famous developing success is Mark Zuckerberg and his social networking site, Facebook. Zuckerberg began as a college Harvard sophomore writing code that developed into one of the most recognized brands of all time and in 2012 landed him on the fortune 500 list! Not bad for a big idea, little creativity, and a lot of talent.

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