mobile application developer course

What should you know before taking the mobile application developer course?

8 Things to get you started at Cestar College.

  1. You must meet the admissions requirements. This includes the possession of high school diploma (Ontario Secondary School, grade 12 completion or its regional equivalent) or Mature Student Status (Being of 18 years or older). You must also complete and pass the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Admissions Test to assess your intelligence quotient and aptitude for problem-solving in range of occupational fields. Please note, the possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admissions.
  2. You should take a campus tour. It’s always important to visit potential schools to get an idea of the atmosphere, meet with the admissions office, and talk to a few current students to see if the school and program are right for you. Call 416-485-8588 for your free tour!
  3. Do your research! Nothing is worse than a prospective student that when asked a question about why he/she wants to enter the field, or what the current trends are, is without response. Do some research to find out what the courses are about, what knowledge you are expected to enter with, and what be a mobile app developer really entails. A little reading will not only help prepare you for your course load but will help motivate your studies!
  4. Make sure to familiarize yourself with current technology and applications. Your reading will only take you so far, but some actual experience with a variety of systems and programs will allow you to make your own judgements, preferences, and inspire ideas for improvement! Know the brands, operating systems, and the basic idea of how things work.
  5. Shadow someone in the field. Start your networking early and make some connections with current developers. Find out if you can shadow them on the job for a day or two. It will give you an idea of what you can expect when you get out of the classroom in terms of workplace atmosphere, hours, expected tasks, and remuneration. It is valuable to visit multiple to get a few different experiences, especially if they are in a variety of positions or pay-grades.
  6. Financial Aid is available. Cestar College offers payment plans in order to help their students bear the financial load. Monthly payment plans are available while students are in school, or an extended program is available beyond when necessary. No interest is accrued during scholastic period and plans are available to all students without credit checks. Major financial institutions offer loans and lines of credit to Canadian students. There are also additional federal opportunities in place such as Lifelong Learning Plan, Registered Education Savings Plans, and Second Careers. There is always financial help for those with financial need!
  7. There will always jobs! With the knowledge and hands-on training, as well as the technology field continuing to expand daily; there will always be open positions in the market for the right candidates. Major corporations such as Apple, Systems such as Android, and almost every company in the world are continuously searching for the next advancement or new app to bring to the consumer public. This is a field that will always be looking to hire new grads so keep that in mind when deciding on your career path—end game opportunity!
  8. The average salary. Putting the time, work, and energy into this course is not without its rewards. The hourly wage for mobile application developers ranges from $20-150 per hour depending on the developer’s experience, credentials, and geographic location. That’s a range of $40,000-$300,000!

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